Asian Market

Asian Bistro

“Asian Market is a product of a practical and economical process of recycling, renewal and transformation”


Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Interior Design, Restaurant


Asian Market




Interior Design, Custom Furniture, Custom Lighting, Construction Administration, Logo Design

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Photography by Ricardo Briones

The goal of this project was to renew a former restaurant that had been running for 10 years. With a limited budget, a complete renovation was achieved by using the existing furniture and by making a few simple moves. The concept: reinterpret an Asian bistro with a strong Japanese influence in a clean, modern, and minimal space.  

The interior of the restaurant offers varied dining scenarios for intimate gatherings within an elevated yet casual environment.

Shades of whites, vegetation, and natural wooden elements provide a warm and comfortable environment that is inviting to the guest. The space projects clarity and feels modern.

Hints of black, oranges, and blues add pops of color throughout the space. Bold artwork, which includes works by artists like García Cordero and Raúl Recio, is incorporated as an integral part of the design.

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