We work in close collaboration with our clients & we seek to make the design process as transparent and hassle-free as possible.

Depending on the project and the needs of the client, we can handle the entire project life cycle from the initial planning processes through to completion. Alternatively, we can act as a consultant, assisting only with the design and planning phases.

Here's a brief overview of our process:


Introduction, Brief + Discovery

In the discovery phase, the project parameters are discussed; scope, aesthetics, budget, the client's wants and needs. A dialogue is started and the vision of the project is established. In this stage, any useful information is collected to get all the details needed to move on to the next step.


The Proposal

After we fine-tune all of the information gathered in the previous step, we'll send you a proposal to review, which breaks down our design fees, timelines, and the estimated flow of the project. Once the proposal is approved, we move forward.


Design Decisions

After receiving and reviewing the first design concepts, the client provides us with feedback so we can make sure to get the design as close as possible to the vision of the project that was established in the first step.


Project Management

If hired for full-service, we move into the execution phase and we handle everything related to the execution of the project. In this step, we translate the design into reality.


Project Completion

Our aim is the client’s satisfaction. We carry out final details to ensure we deliver the best possible result.